Land Rover build, rebuilds and restoration is very popular for Land Rover Series and Defenders. This is mainly because these vehicles are built with a solid ladder frame chassis that lasts well and the body panels made mostly of aluminium are very resistant to corrosion and rusting. Series Landys and Defenders are built like mechano sets so it is quite easy to chop and change all sorts of body parts and panels.

Land Rover Build Rebuilds and Restoration

Land Rover build, rebuilds and restoration of older Series vehicles can result in a nearly new Landrover. It is a long and hard process and often very expensive especially if you want to rebuild a Series 1 back to showroom condition. Not all rebuilds are to restore the vehicle to original state. Many of them are just to give the vehicle a bit of a makeover to extend its lease on life. Or to prepare it for a new life, like that of a camper or daily commuter, farm vehicle or a game viewer conversion. It is one of the most rewarding experiences to rebuild an entire Land Rover. It gives you an intimate knowledge of the vehicle and the ultimate satisfaction in the finished product.

SA Army Land Rovers Rebuilt

The military in many parts of the world have been big users of Land Rovers and when these vehicles are sold off by the army then they land up in someone’s garage as a viable restoration project. South Africa got a real boost with regards to Land Rover ownership around 20 years ago when the South African Defence Force started auctioning off redundant stock. Very often these vehicles where brand new and they where often driven home from the auction site. A sad truth however, is that the troops often maliciously damaged these vehicles and the military maintenance crews where not as good as you would have hoped them to be.

Various SA-unique vehicles where available and made ideal holiday vehicles and campers. Standard Land Rovers were also available, they quickly got bought up by the general public and various enterprising groups. Today, about 3/4 of the series vehicles on the road are ex-military. There were also a handful of Defenders sold off.

Series and Defender Land Rover Builds

These days Series vehicles and Defenders are prime targets for Land Rover build, rebuilds and restoration. These models used to be readily available and relatively cheap. However in recent years since the end of Defender production the values have shot up and availability decreased. The availability of used parts are also becoming scarce. But there is still a good supply of new or remanufactured parts.

Several companies have emerged who specialise specifically in Land Rover build rebuilds and restoration of Series or Defenders.

Land Rover Series 1 107 Restoration

This is the story of rebuilding and restoring a 1955 Land Rover Series 1 107. Follow the progress on the blog posts below or checkout our YouTube Channel.